Welcome to Mesa Cemetery

Mesa Cemetery Rose GardenEstablished in 1891, the Mesa Cemetery has served our community with dedication and distinction for more than a century. We have earned a reputation for well-kept grounds, helpful and understanding staff, and affordable services.

Operated by the City of Mesa Parks, Recreation and Commercial Facilities Department, the Cemetery is managed with a sincere concern for the public interest and great respect for human dignity.

Visitation Hours

The Cemetery gates are open for visitation every day throughout the year from dawn to dusk.  Times vary according to seasonal daylight fluctuations.

Memorial Service Hours

The Cemetery is open for burial services Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 3pm, except on City observed holidays.  If services on weekdays extend beyond 3pm, additional charges will be incurred. Saturday services are also available, however, additional charges will be incurred.  Special service charges may be found on the Fees and Charges Page.

Office Hours

The Cemetery office is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, except on City observed holidays.  Sales services end one half-hour before the office closes.  We respectfully ask that meetings with Cemetery staff be scheduled in advance.

Fees and Charges

Effective January 2013         Printable version

Acceptable Forms of Payment
  No cash is accepted.
  Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover/Novus, American Express)
  Money Order
  Check (no personal checks will be accepted if services are required within 14 days)
For immediate need spaces -
  All fees must be paid in full at least 24 hours prior to burial
For pre-planning spaces -
  Fees may be paid in full, or on contract with a minimum of 50% down and the balance to be paid within two years.
  Contracts are charged a .05% interest on the monthly balance which represents a 6% annual interest rate.
  If need arises within the two year contract period, balance is due prior to burial.

Grave Space and Cremation Options
Mesa Cemetery Olive Trees
Graves - all sections except North View
  Single Space* $ 2,100
  Companion Space*
(double deep)
$ 2,590
  Conversion from single to companion grave $   490
  Infant Space (48" maximum)** $   665
Graves - North View Section
  Single grave, flat marker* $ 2,400
  Single grave, upright marker* $ 2,600
  Companion grave* (double deep) $ 3,100
  Companion grave, upright marker* $ 3,300
  Conversion from single to companion grave $   700
  Infant Space (48" maximum)** $   690
Cremation Options
  Niche Space (lower two rows)** $ 1,610  
  Niche Space (upper three rows)** $ 1,900  
  Urn Garden** $   870  
  Scattering Garden $   140  
        *  perpetual care fee of $300 is included
     ** perpetual care fee of $150 is included
Service Charges
Service charges are separate from the costs for grave space and cremain options.
Service charges cannot be pre-paid.
Opening and Closing
Single grave*** $    895 Mesa Cemetery scene
  Companion grave (upper level)*** $    895
  Companion grave (lower level)*** $ 1,155
  Infant grave (48" maximum)*** $    420
  Cremation urn - niche or ground $    210
  ***Canopy and chair setup included in price
      (includes 10 chairs)
$    105
  Single grave/companion upper level $ 1,630
  Companion grave - lower level
(if upper is unoccupied)
$ 1,995
  Companion grave - lower level
(if upper is occupied)
$ 3,260
  Single conversion to companion $ 3,260  
  Infant grave $    920  
  Cremation urn - niche or ground $    280  
Monument Services
Monuments may be purchased through any monument company or mortuary.
Cemetery staff completes all installations/foundations
Monument/Plaque installations with or without vase
  9" x 18" (infant) $    175  
  12" x 24" (single) $    230  
  12" x 30" (companion or single) $    300  
  12" x 36" (side by side) $    365  
  12" x 48" (side by side) $    460  
  12" x 12" ash space $    105  
  Urn Garden and Niche Plaques $      90  
  Urn Garden and Niche Date Plates $      40  
Miscellaneous Monument Services
  Monument Removal (12" x 24" and smaller), plaques $     110  
  Monument Removal (12" x 30" and larger) $     220  
Vase Installation
  Vase installation (labor only) $     100  
  Vase and Insert (sales tax included ) $       60  
  Vase Insert only (sales tax included) $       25  
  Niche bronze vase (sales tax included) $       85  
  Niche vase inserts (sales tax included ) $       30  
Special Service Charges
Saturday Service
$    400 Cypress Trees
  Interment/inurnment services rendered on Saturdays are subject to a fee in addition to the regular opening/closing fees.
Overtime Service
$    125
  Overtime Service charge will be assessed if it is necessary for staff to be held after 3pm, per each one-hour increment.
Administrative Fee
$    100
  To cover administrative costs associated with the Transfer of Ownership and Exchange of Spaces and Returning a Grave.  Charged per transaction.
If exchanging grave(s) to the North View Section, fees would include both the difference in grave cost and administrative fees.
Outer Container/Vault Fee
A concrete outer container is required for casket lengths more than 48".  The minimum requirement is a cement dome.  The containers can be purchased through any mortuary.
Annual Christmas Wreath
$       40

Cemetery Maps and How to Find a Grave

You can find the location of a grave for a particular individual buried at the Mesa Cemetery by finding their name on the Deceased by Name document (pdf). Individuals are listed alphabetically by their last name. A-F  F-L  L-S  S-Z

Gravesites are identified by a three part code that indicates block, lot and space number, as in the following example:

   888            2            3
 Block         Lot      Space   
Block Marker

First, locate the block, using the Cemetery Block Map.  On the Cemetery grounds, look for the round marker specifying the block number.

Next, find the lot and grave space.  Each block is comprised of four to five lots; and each lot is comprised of six to eight grave spaces, laid out in the following configuations:

    Blocks 1125 and above    

Block Map 1                                                   

 Blocks 1124 and below

Block Map 2

Documents in PDF
Cemetery Office

Cemetery Block Map

Walking Tour

Map of Available Grave Sites

Printed copies of these documents can be picked up at the Cemetery Office during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm, except City-observed holidays.  Sales service ends at 4:30pm each day.

Other ways to locate a grave include www.findagrave.com, which includes more than 30,000 graves at the Mesa Cemetery, or visiting the Cemetery Office.

We respectfully ask that meetings with Cemetery staff be scheduled in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a specific grave?

What is the availability of graves and what is the cost?

What decorations can be placed on a grave?

What do I do if the earth around a monument or on a grave is settling?

What creamation options does the cemetery provide?

How do I purchase a monument for a grave?

Where can I purchase a Monument or Plaque?


How do I find a specific grave?

For complete instructions, visit the Find A Grave tab. 
There are many ways to locate a grave at the Mesa Cemetery:

1.  Patrons can call or visit the Cemetery office to obtain a map and directions to a specific grave.  Office hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, except City holidays.  Maps can also be provided through mail, e-mail or fax.
Phone:  480-644-2335
Fax:      480-644-3190

2. The Deceased Name Search Listing is a report with basic information on the deceased, in alphabetical order by last name.  It will be updated and re-posted periodically throughout the year.  Once you find the grave location number on the report, please refer to the Find A Grave tab for directions on how to locate a particular grave.

3.  More than 30,000 graves at the Mesa Cemetery can be found on www.findagrave.com.*  This project is a continuing effort and our appreciation goes to volunteers at the Mesa Family History Center.  We also appreciate the efforts of numerous Boy Scout eagle projects and various other volunteering projects for their efforts in photographing monuments to be shared on the internet.

*we provide the link to external sites as a courtesy. We are not responsible for the accuracy of external websites.

What is the availability of graves and what is the cost?

The City of Mesa Cemetery has gravesites available for sale in Heritage Garden, which is the section west of 12th Street near the Country Club Drive entrance.  This section allows only flat markers.

The Cemetery also has gravesites available in North View which is the section north of D Street.  This section allows for flat or upright markers. 
See a map of available gravesites.

All other sections of the Cemetery are sold out.

Costs for grave can be found on the Fees and Charges tab.

Note:  Owners very rarely return graves to the Cemetery.  Any private sales can be found in the newspaper or on websites that advertise items for sale.


What decorations can be placed on a grave?

Decorations can be placed on a grave, niche, or urn garden; however, they must be placed in an approved, permanent flower vase.  All other decorations are subject to removal at any time for maintenance and safety purposes.  The only exceptions are funeral arrangements (removed by staff within three to five days) and certain holiday decorations.

Glass, fences and plantings (including sod) are strictly prohibited.  Holiday arrangements are allowed only for the following holidays: Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day and Veteran's Day.  Decorations will be removed January 15, June 15 and two weeks after Easter.

All maintenance on the grounds of the Mesa Cemetery will be conducted by City staff or contractors thereof.


What do I do if the earth around a monument or on a grave is settling?

Contact office staff and they will process a work order to backfill the grave or raise and level the monument.  All maintenance on the gounds of the Cemetery will be conducted by City staff or contractors thereof.


What cremation options does the cemetery provide?

Two creamation urns can be interred in one grave, niche or urn garden space. Cremation remains can also be scattered in a designated area at the Rose Garden.  The niches, urn gardern and scattering garden are located North of the office.  Costs for cremation options can be found on the Fees and Charges Tab.


How do I purchase a monument for a grave?

A monument can be ordered through any monument company or mortuary.  Companies can be located through the phone book or on-line.  The City of Mesa Cemetery installs all monuments and foundations.  Installation costs can be found on the Fees and Charges tab. Please note that upright markers can be placed in designated areas only.  Cemetery office staff can advise on the type of monument that is permitted for a particular grave site.


Where can I purchase a Monument or Plaque?

Here are local companies that sell Monuments and Plaques. 


Burial Areas

Burial Areas

Burial areas at the Mesa Cemetery include Interment Areas and Cremation Memorials

Mesa Cemetery opens the new North View area.  Read full article.

The Mesa Cemetery annouced on March 6, 2013 that 1,400 plots in the new North View area will be made available for purchase on March 7, 2013.  North View is situated on the north side of the Cemetery and covers two acres.

Interment (Burial) Options

The Cemetery is divided into five interment sections featuring distinct landscape characteristics and aesthetics. 
Space is no longer available in the Original, Garden or Rolling Meadows sections.

North View Area

North View Section:  Opened for sales in March 2013, this two acre section includes 1,400 plots.  Trees are planted along the roadside in this secluded, quiet area in the North East area of the Cemetery.  Monuments can be upright or flat based on the designated row of grave purchased.



Heritage Garden



Heritage Garden Section:  Established in 1988, various shade trees include olive, ficus, ash and pine.  Flat grave monuments are used exclusively in this area.




Infant Section, Heritage Garden



Infant Sections:
 Available infant grave sites are located within the Garden and Heritage Garden section, where flat markers are used exclusively. 




Garden Section


Garden Section: 
Landscaping is formal with
uniform rows of Italian cypress. Flat grave
monuments have been used exclusively in this area.
(This section is sold out.)


Original Section:
Mature plantings of olvie,
Italian cypress and citrus trees.
This section has a combination of
flat and upright monuments.
(This section is sold out.)



Rolling Meadows

Rolling Meadow Section:
The landscape of rolling lawn is enhanced
by plantings of various shade trees. 
Upright or flat monuments may be found in this section.
(This section is sold out.)




Cremation Memorials

Some graves in the original areas of the cemetery are now available for Creamation Burials only.  Each grave has specific restrictions, depending on space limitations.  For example, some allow for only one urn instead of two, or some are in upright marker areas but are only allowed a flat marker.  See the map for general areas, or call the office staff  at 480-644-2335 for more details or to schedule an appointment.

Two cremation urns can be buried in a full grave (see interment areas) or the following are available:

Scattering GardenScattering Garden:
A landscaped section for scattering cremains on a bed of rocks and covered with gravel, with adjacent areas for meditation.  The scattering garden is located within the Rose Garden, just north of the Cemetery office.  Cremated remains can be scattered by family members or staff in a common area.  There is one common vase for flowers that is shared by all loved ones.  A 6" x 4" plaque can be purchased through a plaque provider and installed on a granite memorial.


Niche Bank

Niche Banks
An above ground memorial that allows for two urns per niche.  Inside dimension of 11" x 11" x 11".  One bronze plaque and vase per niche is permitted.  (Niches on 6th street are sold out.  Plaques can be purchased through a plaque provider.  Vases may be purchased through the Cemetery office.



Urn Garden


Urn Garden:

Designated area in the Rose Garden for ground burial of cremated remains with bronze memorialization.  Common vase to be shared by loved ones.




Ash Lots:
Groupings of in-ground spaces for cremated remains. (This section is full)

Business Forms

Business Forms & Brochures

If you are in need of forms not listed below, please contact the Cemetery office at 480-644-2335, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm.

Mesa Cemetery drive

Information Checklist

Transfer of Ownership

Print Version of Service Guide

Walking Tour


Cemetery History

Mesa's first small cemetery was established in 1883, following a smallpox epidemic that claimed the lives of 44 residents.  As the community grew, more space was needed, and in 1891, land was purchased along Center Street north of Brown Road for this purpose.

The cemetery celebrated its centennial anniversary in 1991 with the publication of a historic walking tour map, documenting the graves of individuals who played a key role in Mesa's history.  This brochure can be obtained at the Cemetery office by visitors wishing to tour the grounds.

RAF Fighter Pilots

RAF Pilot MemorialDuring World War II, an airbase was constructed in Mesa for the training of U.S. and British fighter pilots. More than 2,000 pilots were trained at this airfield, Falcon Field, which today serves as a muncipal airport. Twenty-three British cadets and one American pilot were killed in air accidents during Falcon Field's four years as a training facility, and these individuals are buried in a special section of the Mesa Cemetery.

Located near the center of the Cemetery, the airmen's grave markers include rank, serial numbers, and the eagle crest of the RAF.  A special Memorial Day service is held annually to commemorate the sacrifice of these individuals.  The service is held on the Sunday before the observed Veteran's Day holiday, at 10:45 am.  In addition, a monument in memory of all who served at Falcon Field was dedicated in 1991 at Falcon Field Park.

Great Depression Memorial
Historical Area

To the north of the Cemetery office is a section dedicated to "those persons unknown buried during the Great Depression".  The area reflects on a bleak period of American history when even permanent memorials were a luxury. 

Noted Individuals

Noted individuls buried in the Mesa Cemetery include:

Waylon Jennings - popular country/western singer and songwriter.  Waylon Jennings grave is located on 9th Street.  Park by the 1st garbage can south of B Street.  Walk east 4 rows of graves to find his black granite monument.

John Lee - as Wild West entertainer "Powder River Jack", he popularized the American folk song "Red River Valley"

Ernesto Miranda - whose 1966 Supreme Court case resulted in the "Miranda Rule", which requires that law enforcement officials inform individuls of their rights upon arrest

Daniel W. Jones - the leader of the first expedition party in 1877 to settle what is now Mesa

Mesa's four "founding fathers" - Charles Crismon, Frances Pomeroy, Charles Robson and George W. Sirrine, who are memorialized in a statue at Pioneer Park.

Annual Events

Annual Events

Memorial Day Observation

The Mesa Cemetery hosts a Memorial Day observation each year.  From 8am to 11am, Cemetery staff is available to hand out flags, help visitors locate gravesites, and provide general assistance.


RAF Pilot Memorial
Royal Air Force Veterans Memorial - Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014 at 10:45am

A special memorial service for the 24 British RAF and American fighter pilot trainees who died in training at Mesa's Falcon Field during World War II is held annually at the Cemetery. 

This ceremony is sponsored by the Lion & Unicorn Chapter of the Daughters of the British Empire in the USA.  Over the past four decades, this annual service has developed into a significant and poignant event.  In 1997, it was attended by Sir Angus Ogilvy, husband of Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandria, as well as British Consul-General Merrick Baker-Bates.

Annual Holiday Wreath Holiday Wreath Program

The Mesa Cemetery provides the opportunity to recognize loved ones with a decorative fir holiday wreath.  The $40 fee includes the wreath, easel, placement on the grave, and removal after the holidays.  Deadline to order wreaths is October 28.  Wreaths will be placed on the graves within the first two weeks of December. 


Complete and return this form by October 28 to order your Christmas wreath. 



Decoration Removal

An extensive holiday decoration removal begins January 15, June 15 and two weeks after Easter.  Throughout the year, Cemetery staff reserve the right to remove decorations at any time that are deemed unsightly, weathered, or that interfere with grounds maintenance.

City of Mesa Cemetery
1212 N. Center Street
Mesa, Arizona 85201

Contact us

(480) 644-2335

(480) 644-3190 (fax)

via e-mail


Cemetery Home

Map of Available Grave Sites


Acceptable forms of payment include credit card, money order or checks (if 14 days prior to services).  No cash is accepted.

Christmas Wreath Program begins!
Order Forms must be recieved by Oct. 28th.


Mesa Cemetery featured in Phoenix Magazine, July 2014.  Grave Matters

Decoration Removal

An extensive holiday decoration removal begins January 15, June 15 and two weeks after Easter.  Throughout the year, Cemetery staff reserve the right to remove decorations at any time that are deemed unsightly, weathered, or that interfere with grounds maintenance.